Adnan Samma Author

When confronted with the identity question, Adnan usually does not know what to respond. Having been born in India, brought up in central Africa and the Middle-East, and currently residing in the United States of America; he tends to consider himself of a multicultural background which he indeed is grateful for. Moving to USA alone for college vividly enhanced his perception of the world and molded his personality for the better. He is currently doing a double major in Economics and International Relations at Florida International University in Miami. An inadvertent stumble upon a delightful person introduced him to the literary realm of Muslim Youth Musings which does not only display Islamic literature but creates a home for its appreciation. Writing for MYM motivates him to compose more literary works and develop his writing skills. Apart from being active in the college organizations he is part of, Adnan loves to get to know people, enjoys reading, studying Islam and other religions, discussing international relations, improving his Arabic, and safeguarding his fluency in Urdu and French.

The Polygamy Game

Unfair as thy fate might seem Through the distress of circumstances seen Comes hope, the mistress that does not deem And faith, the wife...

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Black Holes and Sunrises

The dark blue fortified a foreign feeling, An enigmatic emotion that was not ready to testify. ‘Twas like ink submerging in the celestial...

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