Hanaa Elmi Author

Hanaa is an English Language and Literature major who calls the border city of Windsor, Ontario, Canada home. She has an insatiable thirst for the written word, particularly poetry, and enjoys immersing herself in the study of new languages. She writes for MYM to remind herself and others that all of our trials and triumphs come from to Allah azza wa jal. In her spare time she enjoys writing eclectically in her journal, attending AlMaghrib seminars, and playing basketball.

Girl Hyphen Human

When I was a little girl I constantly wondered what it would be like to have a double-barreled name. To have two parts of a whole anchored...

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Labyrinth of the Lovestruck

It’s quaint, old-fashioned. Almost like a rite of passage, I suppose, to have this insatiable need for the “fairytale ending,” the...

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Send Me to the Planetarium

As a young girl, I developed an overzealous fascination with outer space. The balance of the blazing stars astounded me – especially...

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Ramadan Hitchhiker

Days draw horizontal lines In the hallow centre of my unkempt mind. Invisibly etched words leave their mark A standing silhouette in the...

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Fire In My Belly

Reflective thought is utterly addictive. The mismatched colorations of my most vivid realizations and the caviler notions of my shipwrecked...

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