Dead Language



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My heart sat on the window pane:
bleaked; stripped; pounding.
I reminisced of the stolen happiness
sitting on my face.
I rewrote my tears in the most painful syllables.
Something like affliction, something like pain.
My heart was a dead language,
and this verse pronounced every letter clearly.
It recited, “after every hardship, there is relief”.

I sighed into this line,
my tears fused with each fatha,
I felt the down-toning of pain recite with each kasra.
I sprung,
My tears dried.
I recited the next line,
they sounded like lullabies drowsing my pain.
A repetition, an enjambment for soul-lifting.
“Indeed, after every hardship is relief”.
The window closed, my pain faded into belief.
My heart found Solace.

Note from author: The last word: Solace, with a capital “S”, translates as the meaning of the name of the surah; Suratul Inshirah.

68 Responses to "Dead Language"

  1. Khusuus says:

    How descriptive of what a verse can do

  2. Fatimah says:

    May Allah bless your writing skills

  3. Cardeejah says:

    maa shaa Allaah bro. it’s a solace to a raging heart.

  4. olowufaatimah says:

    Maa shaa Allah….may Allah continue to refill ur ink

  5. Ayn says:

    Awwww, Ibrahim. MashaAllah. Poignant!

  6. Ummulkhayr says:

    Barakallahu fihi Bro… Keep moving to the peak

  7. Adegboyega Aishat. says:

    May your pen never dry. Amin.
    Barakallah feehi.

  8. Muideen A. A. says:

    This is simply one of the best poems I have read in ages. In this there’s a poet who waxes the intrinsic with the extrinsic…a poet who believes in words there’s a solace, in those words that are greater than mere words. Here, through picturesque metaphors, you are drawn to the scriptural power of Qur’an and its embalming and soothing grace.

  9. Yusuf says:

    This is a great piece… I love the imagery and the style of passing the message… Kudos

  10. Abul Khayr says:

    BarakaLlahu fihi. May Allah increase you in knowledge and wisdom. More ink to your pen Bi IdhniLlah

  11. Selim says:

    Ibankhan always on point

  12. The Quran itself is the greatest of poetry. Drawing your inspiration from it is the height of wisdom. You’ve crafted those inspiring and melancholic lines wonderfully. I hope you win this Inshaa Allah.

  13. nafisah says:

    barakallsh fih

  14. Musharrafah says:

    Barakallahu fihi… More ink to your pen biqudratullah

  15. Tirmidhi Adigun says:

    He who put to paper saves generations
    He who against it kills generation
    Writing in His might
    Will take you to greater height
    May you see the light

    Ibankhan I respect your poetic height

  16. Esho Tolu says:

    This is really an amazing piece. you have never seem to stop amazing me with all ur literary works.. Weavers writers club believes u will win this.. reach for the top dear

  17. Lady Impeccable says:

    Ibankhan, this piece is really poetry in it’s most exquisite definition and the icing to it, the Quranic inspiration. Your poem has grown into something award worthy. So proud of you

  18. basira says:

    This is nice

  19. Zulaykha says:

    Very nicely penned, bro…BarakaLlahu fih

  20. Scribe says:


  21. Tonie says:

    I like this. You have my vote. May you win. Amen.

  22. Cymbeehat says:

    Nice one!
    BarakAllaahu fihi

  23. lustrous says:

    Ibrahim knows how to place the words when he answers to the call of the pen .
    Maa Sha Allah.

  24. This is touchy and really awesome. Write from the heart, sir. Kudos

  25. PENAWD says:

    Boss, I love this piece.
    Well carved, interesting and inspiring.

  26. Bilaal M says:

    Each time I read this guy’s poems I get inspired to write mine( I can’t thoughπŸ˜‘). Nice one bro keep ’em coming.πŸ˜€πŸ‘Œ

  27. Dazzler Munezz says:

    Nice one bro!…keep it Rollin
    May God bless ur pen.

  28. Maryam says:


  29. Nana bee says:

    If I were to describe this in one word, i would say it is simply “succinct”

  30. Shuqrah says:

    Mah sha Allah for you bro.. that was beautiful

  31. Aish Dols says:

    impeccable! May Allah increase you in wisdom. I’m proud of your creativity. You’re very gifted with the pen. May you win this!

  32. Hussainah says:

    Great piece

  33. Yussuf Ayo says:

    This is masterly!
    Maa Shaa Allah

  34. esteem lady says:

    May Allah increase you in knowledge.

  35. I am OgaIB says:

    You must be Author (Arthur) Pen-Dragon…

    Other writers distance, they should have listened ….

    Maa sha Allah bro :)

  36. NobleHeart says:

    Another great one from a great mind. May Allah continue to bless your pen lil’ bro. Proud of you.

  37. Sodiq Ade Balogun says:


  38. Fatimah says:

    it melt my heart…..Allah will guide you.

  39. Ayush says:

    Wow,wat a great poem

  40. Eleshin says:

    Wow, Barakallahu fih

  41. Alli Morufat says:

    This is amazing… the sky is the limit. Barakallahu fih.

  42. The Anonymous Cherif says:

    Intelligently written and empathetically insightful. This is the kind of poetry that passes for therapy tapes.

  43. Meraldsink says:

    Lovely write upup, I’ll say it’s “Laconi”πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

  44. Akowe Victory says:

    Beautiful piece dear, keep it up.

  45. Taiwo Zaynab says:

    Barakkahllahu fih brother. May Allah increase you in Knowledge.

  46. Inspiring! Thought-provoking! Poignant! There’re no better words to describe this piece of literary sauce.

    More power to your elbow, Ibrahim.

  47. T.O Amusan says:


  48. Comrade Shittu (Baba igbagbo) says:

    What’s a fantastic one.please keep it up

  49. Comrade Shittu (Baba igbagbo) says:

    What’s a wonderful job. Ibrahim keep it up

  50. Aramide says:

    Barakallahu feehi

  51. Maryam Lawal says:

    Beautiful piece

  52. Anifowose Abdulazeez says:

    Masha’allah, brother, may Allah grant you victory

  53. Ranmi Rahmat says:

    Masha Allah
    baarakallahu feeh
    NYC one

  54. Sukaynah says:

    Masha Allah, Barakah llahu fih

  55. Barakallahu fihi my brother

  56. Alheri says:

    This is quite outstanding. Grrratitude for letting us in to share from your muse.

  57. Sumayyah says:

    Maa sha Allah,barakahllahu fi.

  58. el cypher says:

    This is a masterpiece. Iban Khan just won my heart with his grandiloquence…

  59. Fimber says:

    Extremely moving. This is just literal magic.

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