A Melody of Gratitude

Sarah Anwar
Memoir by
Oct 28 · 4 min read

From the precise arrangement of petals on a rose to the face of the lake that glitters in the sunlight, the beauty witnessed in the life...

To All My Cups of Tea

Memoir by
Aug 31 · 5 min read

You calmed me the morning before an exam. You soothed me after long college hours in the afternoons. You gave me a boost whenever I needed...

Hand Me Down Your Revolution

Memoir by
Aug 21 · 5 min read

I say, “I think we, as a generation, are unlearning a lot of toxic ideas.” She says, “Unlearning has been focal in my growth as a...

Something to Love

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Jul 23 · 3 min read

When you find a book you love, or when you watch or listen to something that touches your soul, one of the things that makes it more...

A Story of Hope

Memoir by
Jun 15 · 7 min read

It is nearly a decade now. The episode of depression that I went through. I lost everything and I had nothing. The more I tried to swim to...

Are You Talking About Sujood?

Memoir by
Jun 15 · 9 min read

I stood beside her bed where she lay motionless. Her eyes were closed and her face expressionless and for a second I thought she was...

Brownie Points: A Chocoholic’s Dream Come True

Memoir by
Apr 5 · 6 min read

I have a sweet tooth, a chocolate tooth and a filled tooth. The filled tooth is a result of the sweet tooth. In order to keep the filling...

Encased in a Dead Body

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Apr 2 · 12 min read

It was a difficult day. My wife and I left weekend school early to attend the funeral prayer and burial of a community member’s father. I...

Helping My Forgotten Family

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Mar 24 · 9 min read

I sat in the car, wringing my hands. When my mother in law mentioned that she was coming to do this, I had jumped at it, thinking of it as...

Oh, All the Kitchens You Will See

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Jan 3 · 10 min read

There are many things being a girl has taught me. I have learnt, in the past sixteen years, how to make compelling conversation, how to...

Discovering (I Knew Nothing of) the Black Experience

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Dec 29, 2016 · 8 min read

How much do I really know about the black experience? I am of Bangladeshi descent, but I grew up in a black-majority county and went to...

Service for Humanity: My Experience in Baton Rouge

Haris Qudsi
Memoir by
Dec 5, 2016 · 7 min read

“That’s the house about a quarter mile straight ahead, and that’s actually their car right there.” I looked to my right, as we got...