Castle in the Books
Illustration by Munira Akhter for Muslim Youth Musings

Let your thoughts run wild.

Join us as we reflect through creative literature. Our family of amazing writers pour their talent into riveting short stories, poetry, and memoirs, and then polish them in one-on-one editing sessions. Get lost in their thoughts, and explore writing that's relevant to you.

Welcome to Muslim Youth Musings, a world of Islamic literature. Are you ready?

Something to Love

Memoir by
Jul 23 · 3 min read

When you find a book you love, or when you watch or listen to something that touches your soul, one of the things that makes it more...

13 Ways of Looking at My Mother

Poem by
Jul 16 · 3 min read

Her pale, slender fingers fly through my hair as she braids it in the kitchen on a Monday morning, while I panic, thinking of my bus to...

Layla’s Miracle

Story by
Jun 15 · 11 min read

The train slipped through the silent, snowy landscape. Most passengers were either returning home or vacationing. But one, a petite girl of...

From Sadness to Satisfaction

Poem by
Jun 15 · 3 min read

Unexplainable sorrow alongside this blinding happiness as I read, With all my days of laziness and negativity, I now don’t agree. As...

Dead Language

Poem by
Jun 15 · 1 min read

My heart sat on the window pane: bleaked; stripped; pounding. I reminisced of the stolen happiness sitting on my face. I rewrote my tears...

What Makes Me Happy?

Poem by
Jun 15 · 1 min read

I love my Quran It helps me grow my eman I have already made a start By learning 9 surahs by heart I open it every day To lead me to the...

Blissful Ignorance

Story by
Jun 15 · 7 min read

I see her every morning. Some days, her head is held high, smile plastered across her face, daring anyone to do anything but smile back,...

A Story of Hope

Memoir by
Jun 15 · 7 min read

It is nearly a decade now. The episode of depression that I went through. I lost everything and I had nothing. The more I tried to swim to...

A Barren Piece of Rock

Story by
Jun 15 · 6 min read

She was one of the most famous women in her town. Famous not for her wealth or lineage but for her never ending ability to give – if...

Are You Talking About Sujood?

Memoir by
Jun 15 · 9 min read

I stood beside her bed where she lay motionless. Her eyes were closed and her face expressionless and for a second I thought she was...

Light Upon Light

Poem by
Jun 14 · 2 min read

Running my fingers over their spines, I spot adventure, romance, comedy and crime And amongst their midst, a divine book Its words so...

Moving Your Heart Towards the Holiest of Books

Poem by
Jun 14 · 3 min read

when your heart is breaking, the shattered pieces climbing, making their way up to your throat, when your voice is shaking, as you try and...

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