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Illustration by Munira Akhter for Muslim Youth Musings

Let your thoughts run wild.

Join us as we reflect through creative literature. Our family of amazing writers pour their talent into riveting short stories, poetry, and memoirs, and then polish them in one-on-one editing sessions. Get lost in their thoughts, and explore writing that's relevant to you.

Welcome to Muslim Youth Musings, a world of Islamic literature. Are you ready?

An Unstoppable Murder

Essay by
Oct 17, 2009 · 4 min read

Reading the Washington Post, I came across a first page article that really struck me; it was basically about an Amtrak engineer who had...

Vivacious Video Taping

Essay by
Sep 29, 2009 · 5 min read

No doubt the medium of video is spreading like wild-fire all through the internet. The real question is: How can this medium be used for...

Daily Qur’anic Immersion

Essay by
Sep 17, 2009 · 7 min read

This article was featured in the Mission Ramadan eBook. Waking up before Fajr. Eating with the community at Maghrib. Praying for hours...

Ramadan and the 3 Groups of Youth

MYM Guests
Essay by
Sep 8, 2009 · 8 min read

By Norhassan Curo – A guest post from the Philippines “We relate to thee their story in truth: they were youths who believed in...

How To Perform Repentance (Part 2)

Essay by
Aug 20, 2009 · 10 min read

What are the 5 crucial steps to perform a complete repentance? Learn more about the intentions and actions required for tawbah....

The Serpent Under The Innocent Flower

Essay by
Aug 11, 2009 · 6 min read

When you hold the door open for a person walking up to the door of a building, who is it for? When you say “yarhamukumullah”...

Sailing Hearts and Ailing Hearts

MYM Guests
Essay by
Aug 1, 2009 · 4 min read

By Ayman Nassar First of all, I thank my younger brothers for inviting me to write this youthful post. It’s a bounty from Allah that...

The Four Leaf Clover

Essay by
Aug 1, 2009 · 2 min read

Four leaf clovers, horseshoes, Friday the 13th, going under a ladder, seeing a cracked window… These are all omens that supposedly...

How To Perform Repentance (Part 1)

Essay by
Jul 8, 2009 · 7 min read

How does one exactly perform repentance? Is it difficult and involve an Imam? How about if you violated someone else's rights?...

Prophet Muhammad’s Dream

Essay by
May 25, 2009 · 7 min read

Imagine the anguish of pincers repeatedly tearing your cheeks apart. Imagine lying on your back and having a large man looming over you...

Love And Respect

Essay by
May 1, 2009 · 4 min read

Have we ever thought about the difference between love and respect? When we say we love someone, what does that mean? When we say we...

You Will Not Move Forward!

Essay by
Feb 11, 2009 · 5 min read

The Prophet ﷺ said, "A human being will not move forward on the Day of Judgment, with their Lord, until they're asked about 5 things......

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