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MYM Staff

Reflective essaysshort storiesmemoirs, and poems are produced by our staff: Muslim youth musing from the streets of India to the shores of Australia. Since its founding in 2007, MYM has committed to aiding aspiring writers, honing the pens of current writers, and inspiring intellectual discourse for young scholars.

Executive Writers

Arif Kabir

Arif Kabir is currently serving as the Director of MYM. He loves spending time with his family,...

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Hanaa is an English Language and Literature major who calls the border city of Windsor, Ontario,...

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Jawaad Ahmad Khan

Born and raised in sunny South Florida, Jawaad grew up in an environment of creative expression....

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Shahin Indorewala

Shahin studies English at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA and Islamic Studies with AlMaghrib...

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Staff Writers

Aamir Shamsi

Muhammad Aamir Shamsi is currently an Emergency Medicine Doctor in London. He joined MYM in...

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Abd Al-Baasit Khan

AbdulBasit Khan currently lives in Lanham, MD where he gives weekly lectures at his local Mosque,...

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Adnan Samma

When confronted with the identity question, Adnan usually does not know what to respond. Having...

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Alvi Rahman

Born in the bustling borough of Manhattan in New York City, Alvi Rahman has since then moved...

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Attiya Latif

Attiya Latif is a first-year at the University of Virginia who is hoping to double major in...

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Aysha Samjoo

Aysha Samjoo is an active member of her community in Dallas, TX and is currently a senior at...

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Aziza Pauff

Aziza, lovingly named after her maternal grandmother, is a part-Indian, part-European Ohioan...

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Fatimah Waseem

Fatimah Waseem is a student at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at University of Maryland,...

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Gibran Ali

Gibran Ali, a computer science graduate from the University of Maryland, has been a computer...

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Hannan Ouyoun

Hannan Ouyoun is currently an online homeschooling high school junior in Chicago, Illinois....

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Mariam Qureshi

Mariam is an undergraduate student at Towson University studying Physics and Electrical Engineering....

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Maryam Ahmed

Maryam Ahmed is a high school senior living in Dallas, TX. She began writing for MYM when she...

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Mosab Sabah

Mosab Sabah is a senior at George Mason University majoring in English. At a very young age...

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Muhammad Xhemali

Muhammad Xhemali is a pharmacy student at the MCPHS University in Worcester. He was born in...

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Muhtasham Sifaat

A Bangladeshi descent from the sakura trees of Japan, the golden prairies of Iowa, and the...

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Raadia Khan

Raadia is an 18-year-old college student in the United States, with an unapologetic passion...

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Rahma Zakaria

Rahma is a high school student in College Park, Maryland. Some people see her as a quiet person,...

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Born and raised in the UK, Ruqaiyya Maryam shares a roof with a mother who is obsessed with...

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Sabera Akhter

Sabera was born in New Jersey and raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. She graduated from George...

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Sanam Zaidi

Sanam Zaidi was born in Pakistan and moved to NYC a bit too late when the doctors discovered...

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Sara Bawany

Once referred to as a “40-year old trapped in a teenage body” and a “Renaissance woman,”...

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Shaziya Barkat

Shaziya Barkat is currently a 20-year-old pharmacy student at Midwestern University’s Chicago...

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Sumaiyah Khan

Sumaiyah joined MYM to exercise her writing skills and broaden her horizons. She loves to laugh...

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Zaheen Uddin

As a student of mechatronics engineering, I often have to use problem solving skills effectively....

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Maryam Ali
MYM Guests
MYM Staff

Alumni Authors

Basiratulann Shahid

Basiratulann Shahid was born in Manchester, Great Britain but her nationality is Pakistani....

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Fatih Seferagic

Fatih Seferagic was born in Germany but his nationality is Bosnian. He moved to the United...

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Jihan Anwar

Jihan is a sister that has set her mind to change the world. In the meanwhile, she’s studying...

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Nihal Khan

Nihal Khan is currently pursuing a dual Master's degree student focusing on Islamic Law and...

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Raakin Hossain

Born and raised in Orange County, Southern California, Raakin Hossain is far from the average...

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Saba Nasir

Experiencing the scorching heat of summer and loving the cold breeze of the starry Arabian...

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Sarah Saeedah

Sarah Saeedah is, in three words, happy, blessed, and most of all, Muslim. Although she spent...

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Sumaira Ahammed

Born as a New Yorker and always a New Yorker, Sumaira is known to be the “city girl” who...

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Zainub Abdur-Rahman

Zainub can usually be found thawing out in front of her fireplace in Calgary, Alberta, Canada...

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Noha Sahnoune

Past Contributors

Abid Mohammed

When he isn’t procrastinating from studying for his medical degree, trying to clean his room...

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Amal Kamalmaz

Born in the UAE, raised in America, and currently living in Abu Dhabi, Amal Kamalmaz is currently...

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Ammar Habib

Ammar was born in Mönchengladbach, Germany before coming to the United States in 2001, after...

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Aysha Khan

Aysha Khan is a high school senior in the suburbs of Baltimore, where she is editor-in-chief...

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Jasim Malik

An undergraduate student at the London School of Economics, Jasim aspires to help the Ummah...

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Mahnoor Samana

Mahnoor is a student at the University of Houston Honors College. Pursuing a minor in creative...

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Mariam Al-Kalby

Mariam Al-Kalby is a graduate of Cal State Long Beach and received her B.A. in English Education...

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Mehraj Hassan

Mehraj lives in the eventful town of Luton, England. He is an undergraduate student at Cass...

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Meryam Khan

On the outside, Maryam is just an ordinary girl currently homeschooling, but her dreams are...

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Nadia Farooqi

Nadia is currently studying Pharmacy at the University of Houston. She has a heart of kindness...

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Saiema Alam

Saiema Alam is a high school student who will be starting college next year, Insha’Allah....

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Siman Wacays

A student, teacher and wanderer; Siman is finishing up her degree at the University of Ottawa,...

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Nasir Al-Din

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