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Encased in a Dead Body

Memoir by
Apr 2, 2017 路 12 min read

It was a difficult day. My wife and I left weekend school early to attend the funeral prayer and burial of a community member鈥檚 father. I...

Helping My Forgotten Family

Memoir by
Mar 24, 2017 路 9 min read

I sat in the car, wringing my hands. When my mother in law mentioned that she was coming to do this, I had jumped at it, thinking of it as...

Discovering (I Knew Nothing of) the Black Experience

Memoir by
Dec 29, 2016 路 8 min read

How much do I really know about the black experience? I am of Bangladeshi descent, but I grew up in a black-majority county and went to...

There Were Four

MYM Staff
Poem by
Sep 12, 2013 路 3 min read

Written by Arif Kabir, Fatimah Waseem, Muhtasham Sifaat, and Sabera Akhter. At the break of dawn must four song sparrows learn to fly, So...

Qualities of a Hafidh

Memoir by
Mar 22, 2010 路 11 min read

“Come in”, Shaykh Haroon Baqai said. I walked in slowly, shaking from head to toe. I had only applied for the Hifzh School a...