MYM strives to be the premier source for creative Islamic literature across the globe by publishing pieces online and in print. Reflective essaysshort storiesmemoirs, and poems are produced by our staff: Muslim youth musing from the streets of India to the shores of Australia. We actively encourage our staff  to be unique by establishing them as distinct writers as well as a collective team of writers with different styles.

Reviewed by a team of experienced editors, our literature provides thoughtful, in-depth reflections where most literature does not, providing insight into the experiences of Muslim youth, the expression of their imagination, and the passion of their voices.

Our pieces have appeared in MuslimMatters, SuhaibWebb.com, and other well-known, independent websites. The Brass Crescent Awards, a project that aims to promote the best Islamic literature on the web, recognized the team with honorable mentions in 2011 and 2012 for Best Design and runner-up for Best Group Blog in 2011. We’ve also been involved in grassroots efforts such as writing workshops, open mics, and booths.

Within the next few years, we aim to expand the MYM brand by publishing longform print publications, empowering up-and-coming writers through writing workshops, conferences, and seminars, and continuously inspiring  the Ummah through unique, quality literature.  We have begun to  expand to other literary forms, including novels, a travelling anthology, and the arts.

Since its founding in 2007, MYM has committed to aiding aspiring writers, honing the pens of current writers, and inspiring intellectual discourse for young scholars. Consisting primarily of teens and young adults, MYM’s audience is growing rapidly and we welcome you to muse with us.

Welcome to the world of Islamic literature.

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