Abd Al-Baasit Khan Author

AbdulBasit Khan currently lives in Lanham, MD where he gives weekly lectures at his local Mosque, PGMA. He grew up in the ADAMS Center community in Sterling, VA and moved to College Park, MD to attend Al-Huda School at the age of 11. After graduating from Al-Huda鈥檚 middle school and completing his hifzh, he began to volunteer at Prince George鈥檚 Muslim Association where he spent the next 8 years studying under the mentorship of many Imams, eventually becoming assistant Imam. His hobbies include reading beneficial works, listening to interesting talks and attending inspiring Islamic events. He feels that MYM is a beautiful medium for him to share some of his thoughts and be inspired by the musings of fellow youth.

Dealing With Decreased Enthusiasm

Essay by
Mar 27, 2011 路 4 min read

How many times have you聽found yourself really motivated and excited to do something for Islam but then, slowly and surely, as time passed,...

The Battle of Badr

Story by
Jan 17, 2010 路 17 min read

The Battle of Badr took place in the blessed month of Ramadan in the second聽year after the Migration from Makkah to Madinah (Hijrah). In...

Dare to be Different!

Essay by
Jan 3, 2010 路 6 min read

‘Abdullah Ibn ‘Abbas said that the Prophet Muhammad said: “Whoever sticks to my Sunnah (my way, my path, my practice, my...

Celebrating a Non-Muslim Holiday?

Essay by
Nov 12, 2009 路 7 min read

Have you ever wondered about the issue of celebrating or partaking in Non-Muslim holidays, festivals and celebrations? What is the Islamic...

Divine GPS: Istikharah

Essay by
Oct 18, 2009 路 5 min read

Shaykh Hossam (who taught at the Islamic University of Madinah for over 10 years, has received many Ijaazaat, and is a senior scholar)聽has...

How To Perform Repentance (Part 2)

Essay by
Aug 20, 2009 路 9 min read

What are the five crucial steps to perform a complete repentance? Learn more about the intentions and actions required for tawbah....

How To Perform Repentance (Part 1)

Essay by
Jul 8, 2009 路 7 min read

How does one exactly perform repentance? Is it difficult and involve an Imam? How about if you violated someone else's rights?...

You Will Not Move Forward!

Essay by
Feb 11, 2009 路 5 min read

The Prophet 锓 said, "A human being will not move forward on the Day of Judgment, with their Lord, until they're asked about 5 things......

The Greatest Worshipper of His Time

Essay by
Dec 11, 2008 路 21 min read

Many years before the time of Prophet Muhammad and Prophet Isa (peace be upon them), there was a man among the Bani Israa’eel (The...

Sad you missed out on Hajj?

Essay by
Dec 1, 2008 路 4 min read

Did you know that it's possible to earn the reward of a perfect Hajj, while still being in your hometown?...