Attiya Latif Author

Attiya Latif is a first-year at the University of Virginia who is hoping to double major in Political and Social Thought and Middle Eastern Studies. She intends to write for the duration of her existence in this life. When she does get a few blessed moments of spare time, she prefers to spend them either writing or poring over any book she can get her hands on. The number of her goals and dreams for the future is enough to rival the stars in the sky, but her greatest wish is to use her passion for writing and generate understanding and peace in a world that is filled with intolerance. She feels that it is extremely important to share her voice. Indeed, writing is as essential to life for Attiya as breathing; it is central to who she is and how she expresses herself. MYM was an incredible opportunity for Attiya to share her passion and experiences with other Muslim youth, and to further progress down the road of what she believes to be her greatest calling: literature.

Her Name was Mariam

Story by
Jun 5, 2014 · 11 min read

It was only ever supposed to be a joke, a trick, a meager, selfish brutality that we thought would fade away just as soon as it was...

The Jester

Poem by
Sep 24, 2013 · 4 min read

Nothing comes, nothing comes like the setting of the sun, like a song already sung, nothing comes, nothing comes. Still he stands there,...

The Eye of the Artist

Poem by
Sep 3, 2013 · 3 min read

She sees herself in black and white: No vibrant hues, no trace of life. No shade, no texture, spark of hope Just insufficient paint-brush...