Faeza Ashraf Author

Born in Canada to Pakistani parents, Faeza was mostly raised in the grassy green hills of Kentucky. She鈥檚 a junior in high school and a wannabe Arab, (the poetry and falafel really get to her). When she isn鈥檛 on the never-ending quest to find her glasses, she is studying (or at least trying to), reading, writing, or drawing at her cluttered desk. She loves jumping in puddles on rainy days because you鈥檙e never too old for that, and skateboards and bikes as well with her four little siblings.

Un-blocked: Tackling Writer’s Block

Poem by
Nov 22, 2017 路 4 min read

My river of ink has finally run dry and its bank of blank sheets are vast, haunting. How do I pull my pen across the foe that frightens me...

13 Ways of Looking at My Mother

Poem by
Jul 16, 2017 路 3 min read

Her pale, slender fingers fly through my hair as she braids it in the kitchen on a Monday morning, while I panic, thinking of my bus to...

My Fear of Love

Poem by
Mar 12, 2017 路 4 min read

You saw me friendly, eyes always crinkled in a smile, even venturing to describe me a rose of society. And though I had denied it then,...

An Anachronism of Sorts

Poem by
Mar 5, 2017 路 6 min read

At first, I simply thought I didn鈥檛 matter. Not necessarily because my voice, being so soft, was ignored or spoken over whenever it...

Their Joined Palms

Poem by
Feb 14, 2017 路 5 min read

He鈥檚 a forgotten man, in tattered clothes, searching for his home. High piles of trash line the road he walks. His gaze shifts uneasily....

To Sealed Hearts

Poem by
Jan 28, 2017 路 4 min read

Hither fly your arrows of hatred. Thither rain your spears of ignorance. But no sigh of pain escapes my lips as they come to pierce my...

Khawlah & the Newbie: Part 2

Story by
Nov 28, 2016 路 13 min read

Continued from Khawlah & the Newbie: Part 1 That鈥檚 my cue. Tucking my gum into the corner of my mouth to save for later, I step out...

Khawlah & the Newbie: Part 1

Story by
Nov 21, 2016 路 10 min read

鈥淚t鈥檚 Afra,鈥 she says wearily. 鈥淢y name is Afra. Your name is Khawlah. It鈥檚 not hard to call people by their names you know. And...