Fatimah Waseem Author

Fatimah Waseem is a student at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at University of Maryland, College Park where she is double majoring in journalism and government and politics, and minoring in international development and conflict management. When she’s not in a classroom, she’s writes for the college newspaper “The Diamondback.” Off campus, she writes for The Muslim Link newspaper, the Maryland, Virginia, and DC area’s premier source for news on Muslim affairs. And when she’s not writing, she has her artist’s pen in hand: her paintbrush. Writing for MYM allows her to take a deep breath, step back, and regain perspective on life!

On Air with Radio Islam

Interview by
Mar 23, 2015 · 9 min read

At MYM, we believe today’s writers should write to craft a better tomorrow. In line with our mission, we sat down for our first major...

Captains of the Sea

Essay by
Jan 31, 2011 · 6 min read

We have been appointed to be captains, captains of the sea – whether on calm waters or on raging waters. Whether the tides have turned or...

Islam: A Religion of Zero Tolerance

Essay by
Aug 26, 2010 · 4 min read

More than 1400 years ago, a system of equality, justice, and tolerance was established. It came with a universal message that all men were...

Earthquake Aftershock

Memoir by
Jul 23, 2010 · 3 min read

It was almost 5:00 am and I was still in bed. The steady beep of my alarm clock was a sound I’d been pushing to the back of my head for...