Jawaad Ahmad Khan Author

Born and raised in sunny South Florida, Jawaad grew up in an environment of creative expression. Having performed spoken word poetry, written short stories and essays, and created a variety of videos, he joined Muslim Youth Musings as a means of experimenting with his expression, but also to facilitate his fellow young Muslims to express themselves as well. After graduating with a film degree from the University of Miami, he went on to study Islam and the Arabic language at various institutes, and currently, he works to develop creative projects in the field of religious education.

Start a Scene

Essay by
Dec 2, 2017 路 6 min read

We step onto the stage, just me and my classmate. We鈥檇 been through three levels of improv class together, and this was Day 1 of Level 4....

He Asked Her…

Poem by
Jul 30, 2017 路 3 min read

He asked her If you were once what is beneath you, Then aren’t your sleeves a bit too see-through? Isn’t vulnerability kind of...

Press Play

Poem by
Apr 30, 2017 路 2 min read

I put the poetry on pause The Poe in me, lost cause The flow in me, found flaws And slowly spawned scars The healing got hard I鈥檓...

Express Yourself! By Wisam Sharieff

Interview by
Mar 19, 2017 路 3 min read

It was a low point. I just suffered a blow in my personal life, and I was trying to grab those pieces and figure out how to move forward....

How Could She Do This?

Story by
Sep 27, 2016 路 5 min read

HOW COULD SHE DO THIS? I really looked up to her, I can鈥檛 believe she would stoop this low. I mean, she was the first hijabi to appear on...

Today’s Speech: Something About Islam

Story by
Aug 9, 2016 路 5 min read

Seven minute talk, just a seven minute talk. No big deal. Salah. Praying five times a day. That鈥檚 a good topic, right? It鈥檚 simple,...

One Month In

Story by
May 28, 2015 路 5 min read

I don’t know if you should forgive me. He doesn’t dare say it out loud, but he’s thinking it. He sits on the floor next...

Don’t Inform Me

Essay by
Aug 24, 2011 路 4 min read

This is a rant. This is a rant of a young man angry at the age he lives in. In this anger, there is not harshness; rather it is an anger of...

Free The People

Poem by
Feb 23, 2011 路 2 min read

It was for years, everyday, in the land of the sand With their fears, the voice of the people banned No speaking, no freedom; bending to...

The ABC鈥檚 of this Ramadan

Essay by
Aug 12, 2010 路 4 min read

As Muslim youth, Ramadan rolls around every year, and it means certain things to each of us. For some, it means being able to go to the...

The iPod Complex

Memoir by
Mar 28, 2010 路 3 min read

I walk into the Masjid and meet two youth (only a year or two younger than me). While waiting for our class to begin, I take out my iPod...

How YOU(th) can be a STAR!

Essay by
Feb 1, 2010 路 5 min read

When you look up at the night sky these days, in your own city, what do you see? For me, all I see are a bunch of gloomy clouds. MashaAllah...