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Mehraj lives in the eventful town of Luton, England. He is an undergraduate student at Cass Business School, but also strives to learn about other things too, like programming, islamic history and making mint chutney. He likes to travel and meet new people whenever he can. Spending most of his high school years in Saudi Arabia, he has gained a taste for arabic food. Mehraj also plays football and cricket in his spare time, but him and his brothers sometimes like to create their own game (often a mix between the two). Writing has always been a favorite pastime for Mehraj, as well as an especially powerful tool for learning. He loves to learn more about his faith, Islam, to study its basic texts and to work towards the reunification of its people. Being a Staff Writer at MYM has allowed him to combine his efforts in both while making a positive contribution to the Ummah.

The Purpose of Optimism

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Aug 5, 2014 ยท 6 min read

Optimism is a virtue of the righteous believer. Being optimistic is to be hopeful and confident about what the future holds. We have been...