Ruqaiyya Maryam Author

Born and raised in the UK, Ruqaiyya Maryam shares a roof with a mother who is obsessed with organic eggs and a father who loves to spend his time on eBay. She is currently doing a degree in Social Sciences, finding a cure to her OCSD (Obsessive Compulsive Shoe Disorder) and writing her first novel. She loves photography, is hopeless at cooking and gets her sleeves stuck in door handles (don鈥檛 ask!). She is a part of MYM as she wants to reach out to the Muslim Youth of today through her writing and experiences and of course play a tiny part in spreading this beautiful deen of ours.

Two Loves

Memoir by
Aug 1, 2016 路 5 min read

It was the 21st night of Ramadan. After iftar, we hurriedly performed wudhu and made our way inside Al-Masjid Al-Haram through the King...

Weigh In, Day 1

Poem by
Dec 21, 2015 路 3 min read

How much does the goodness in you weigh? The intentions swimming in your chest, Intentions coated by filth and love; Intentions coated with...

Gold-Rimmed Glasses

Memoir by
Jul 11, 2012 路 4 min read

It was a summer of introductions and new concepts. My first summer in Pakistan. Everyone was talking about the heat and how uncomfortably...

Everything As It Seems

Story by
Feb 9, 2012 路 5 min read

Surraya uncrossed her feet and then crossed them again. She shoved her hands deeper into her pockets, her itchy freezing fingers in search...

The Birth of Death

Memoir by
Dec 31, 2011 路 5 min read

I had just dropped my sisters off at madrassah – the mosque school – and was heading home. The sun was finally calling it a...

Tracing The Prophets’ Footsteps

Poem by
Dec 15, 2011 路 1 min read

As we leave the Arafat sunset, And ride to Muzdalifa. The whiteness of our ihrams Gleams in the darkness. 鈥淗ajj Mubarak,鈥 a sister...

Learning to Forgive

Memoir by
Dec 3, 2011 路 4 min read

They used to live in my grandmother鈥檚 neighbourhood. A big, poor family of eight children. After the eighth child was born, the husband...

Thankful Thumbs

Memoir by
Sep 12, 2011 路 5 min read

鈥淲e must always remember that our problems are very small compared to other peoples. There are people around the whole world who are in...

Raindrops of Realization

Memoir by
Aug 6, 2011 路 5 min read

I stepped onto the crowded bus and after weaving my way through chattering school kids, mothers carrying crying babies and elderly women...

Haunting Sins

Essay by
Jul 13, 2011 路 3 min read

I wonder how you get to sleep at night. I wonder how could you possibly just close your eyes and shut the tall thick wooden doors on the...