Sadiyah Ali Author

He is Greater

Haiku by
Feb 20, 2011 路 1 min read

Woke up before dawn Cold water and sleepy eyes Ignored Shaitan鈥檚 lies Left my class early Warmer weather, it鈥檚 noon now Study room, I...

I Will Not Take Heed

Poem by
Nov 1, 2010 路 2 min read

Hey you evil nafs I beg you to quit complaining I don鈥檛 want to hear your silent earsplitting pleading Do you think you鈥檙e strong...

Flying Away

Poem by
Sep 19, 2010 路 2 min read

That night, I was too little to cry, Hidden in mama鈥檚 womb So closely tied. And during that night, He took me out From that warm darkness...

Powerful Protecter

Essay by
Mar 27, 2010 路 3 min read

Remember when we were younger and they used to tell us about the Prophets of the past? Let’s step back and remind ourselves about one...

One Way

Essay by
Jan 25, 2010 路 2 min read

A lot of people have exams coming up. During one of my Arabic Classes, one student asked the teacher to cancel next聽week’s class...