Shahin Indorewala Author

Shahin studies English at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA and Islamic Studies with AlMaghrib Institute and Prophetic Guidance. She enjoys reading, writing, blogging, and learning Arabic. She is in love with words, particularly poetry and likes to think deep about the human condition. An enthusiast for the preservation of traditional languages and the reformation of cultures. Literally learning new things every day, teaching is her passion and her mission. MYM is a platform that allows her to first learn from others' perspectives, and then to use her insight and experiences to benefit others.

A Soul’s Return

Story by
Aug 22, 2014 路 4 min read

She walked with her legs heavy and her soul down. The air was cold and sharp and stung the inside of her nose as she took a deep breath....

Holidays or Holy Days?

Essay by
Jul 11, 2013 路 5 min read

I once read someone鈥檚 musings on happiness, and it gave me a much more active perspective on the emotion. The writer mentioned that he...

Evaluating Our Character

Essay by
Apr 20, 2011 路 6 min read

In life, we grow comfortable with ourselves and feel satisfied by our present character. This is not the kind of satisfaction that is...

Under One Umbrella

Poem by
Feb 2, 2011 路 2 min read

Walking upon the path of dissension, we leap聽into the well of聽destruction, not knowing how our desires have devoured us leaving no place...

Modesty In My Soul

Poem by
Apr 10, 2010 路 2 min read

The law set in life for me to live by, or a trait instilled by the Most High Though it鈥檚 not something you can easily find A...