Flicker of Hope

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May 22, 2013 · 3 min read

Numbness overcomes me once I finally see
That I beg for a savior, but it is in vain that I plea.
Storm clouds enshroud the sunrise
As we commence the unveiling of lies.

The pleasure some find in others’ pain
Is a cruelty by which the pretentious kings reign.
It is through the darkness of deceit, I perceive,
That they speak articulately, but only to deceive.

Anguish makes my throat constricted;
Let this be the last time our hearts are conflicted.
As the universe comes crashing to the ground,
Still in false thrones, they wear plastic crowns.

Fire and ice seal up my veins.
There’s a battle within me to keep myself sane.
Shutting our eyes won’t make it disappear;
The world’s overwhelmed with chaos and fear:

There isn’t a head that turns as I walk by,
No friendly smiles, just lonely cries.
Lost in speculation, unaware of the shadows,
Oblivious to the secrets that are hidden below.

Generations pass from the young to the younger,
While everything in this world remains a wonder.
Senses are heightened to the sharpest of sounds;
Their long-lost vows have caused this breakdown.

Surrounded by people yet so alone,
Our hearts transform to ice and stone.
Only As-Salaam can give me peace in my heart.
Ya Allah, don’t let this world tear us apart.

This morning, I try to open my eyes
To the blessings hidden, in disguise,
That reveal the truths that I blatantly deny.
Tears flow from my eyes as I realize:

In this world full of terror, darkness, and bliss,
Beauty and evil somehow coexist.
All praises to He for what we’re given today;
If He wills, tomorrow will be brighter than yesterday.


With the masses of turmoil and destruction that arise in the world, it is always reassuring to know that Allah is capable of making everything better. In the midst of a cycle of depression or a bout of worry, instead of turning to material things that can temporarily make us feel better, we fail to realize that there is something much powerful and more healing: hope.

For a long time, because of the difficulties that had accumulated in my life, I lost hope in people, in humanity, and in myself. In doing so, I was losing faith in my Creator. Instead of questioning Him, I should have been submitting to Him. I was at a new school surrounded by very different people. I was trying to pave a lifestyle for myself contrary to the one I was previously engaged in. Alhamdulillah, after experiencing some eye-opening events, I managed to channel my emotions in a more positive direction. Rather than secluding myself and withdrawing from everyone, I aimed to represent Islam in a way that I wished others had done for me while I was experiencing hardship. Through becoming aware of my lack of humility and patience that was hindering me from accomplishment, and through the pain and the sacrifice, I realized that all it takes is a little bit of perseverance and a flicker of hope.

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4 Responses to "Flicker of Hope"

  1. Aysha Samjoo says:

    Beautifully written like always :)

  2. Shahin says:

    Wow, powerful piece mashaAllah :) I loved how all the lines flowed together!

  3. Raadia says:

    Beautifully written piece that shed some light during dark times.

  4. Fatimah Waseem says:

    I loved the title. Even a transient flicker of hope can rekindle your faith.

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