Fatimata Cham
Poem by
Jan 31 · 1 min read

In the corner, she sits,
In the darkness, she sits,
In the grass, she lies,
In the moon, she rests,
Words hanging off her back

A word has been written across her face
She is continuously running away….
A word has been written across her hijab
It’s living in her heart, now.

She’s standing,
she’s sitting,
she’s running.
But still…

She’s banging on the windows,
Tears run down her chubby cheeks,
Her hair runs free now.
Her hijab is gone
Pulled off by those
Who simply don’t understand
Her hijab
Is her freedom
It’s her life.

Trying to yell,
trying to scream.
Nothing but air,
nothing but silence.
The world is moving on without her,
Her name is floating in a cloud somewhere,
She is nothing, but something that once was.

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