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Brownie Points: A Chocoholic’s Dream Come True

Memoir by
Apr 5, 2017 · 6 min read

I have a sweet tooth, a chocolate tooth and a filled tooth. The filled tooth is a result of the sweet tooth. In order to keep the filling...

An Anachronism of Sorts

Poem by
Mar 5, 2017 · 6 min read

At first, I simply thought I didn’t matter. Not necessarily because my voice, being so soft, was ignored or spoken over whenever it...

The Trilogy

Poem by
May 30, 2016 · 2 min read

The opening of your peculiar story, Page one, heartbeat. A divinely written book, with the ink of prophecy Detail of every provision...

Celestial Body

Poem by
Feb 8, 2015 · 9 min read

Her face shines brilliantly bright Especially when she preludes the night When the breaths of dawn will soon Show their luminescence to...

The Hourglass

Poem by
Nov 28, 2013 · 3 min read

How I longed to live in those moments that passed. Though stationary I sat, inside I was going fast. For I was an hourglass of trickling...

Shift in Gear

Memoir by
Nov 4, 2013 · 5 min read

Death. We hear the word so frequently that it’s become almost meaningless. We see it on the news when we read about suicides, murders,...

The Taste of Death

Poem by
Feb 1, 2013 · 4 min read

What if your day had arrived? Imagine if your entire life was a lie. Assess yourself as your sins flash by; You’re wasting your youth and...

Finding My Calling

Memoir by
Sep 8, 2012 · 5 min read

Life is a journey. It continues through the passing of time. I stepped into a city of gray. I walked through its streets with no guide....

The Birth of Death

Memoir by
Dec 31, 2011 · 5 min read

I had just dropped my sisters off at madrassah – the mosque school – and was heading home. The sun was finally calling it a...

Living Life to the Fullest

Memoir by
Dec 11, 2011 · 4 min read

Last week, my sister and I went out for a walk and began to discuss our experiences at school. I loved speaking to her since I could talk...

Drowning in Sin

Story by
Nov 29, 2011 · 4 min read

Her fingers stretched toward the disturbed surface of water. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Then, she plunged. She plunged into a...

How YOU(th) can be a STAR!

Essay by
Feb 1, 2010 · 5 min read

When you look up at the night sky these days, in your own city, what do you see? For me, all I see are a bunch of gloomy clouds. MashaAllah...