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I’m So Not Worth Anything

Story by
Dec 27, 2010 · 9 min read

It was a beautiful moonlit, starless night. I gazed out of the window and breathed in deeply. It all seemed so peaceful, but yet, the...

Love And Respect

Essay by
May 1, 2009 · 4 min read

Have we ever thought about the difference between love and respect? When we say we love someone, what does that mean? When we say we...

Mommy, Daddy, What Is That?

Memoir by
Dec 15, 2008 · 8 min read

In our lives, we see, meet, and interact with non-Muslims on a daily basis. These moments, be it large or small, creates an influence on...

The Power of Dua

Essay by
Nov 19, 2007 · 7 min read

"Verily your Lord is Generous and Shy. If His servant raises his hands to Him, He becomes shy to return them empty..."...