The Lake House

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Nov 23, 2011 · 1 min read

Beyond a forest whence wind whispers,
Amidst harmony and her sisters,
Among vast land and alluring shadows,
Stood a lake house in a deserted meadow.

It cried a hymn, a cunning calling,
To the one who found it deceiving; appalling,
“Thou hast thieved thyself of this,
Thou must return and reminisce.”

Temptations were of the victim’s least interest,
For long has it been defiantly distressed.
Never did he intend to return;
He cursed the lake house and wished it to burn.
In the depths of the darkness it was craft and built;
Its foundations were made of corrupted black silt.

But in the forgetfulness of hasty promise,
The victim returned to a painful bliss.
As he took a stroll down ignorance lane,
The path of the previously spiritually mundane,
He glanced at the view; wretched, wretched view.
Alas reality struck, “Curse you! Curse you!
To be lost in this place I’d undoubtedly hate,
To once again be in that inhumane state!”

“So run, victim, run; thou shalt not be free,
Lest thy fate falleth in the hands of destiny,
Return to the lake house, return to me.”

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5 Responses to "The Lake House"

  1. Arif Kabir says:

    Awesome poem! I felt like this came straight from an old tome :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Simply prime. :)

  3. Aziza says:

    MashAllah, niceeeeee work. :) I really love the way the poem ebbs and flows and most of all, how it makes me think.
    To me, this poem seems to symbolize the cunning voice of the shaitan attempting to call me back to a life of carelessness and disregard of the harder, yet more rewarding realities of life…trying to make what was evil seem all too appealing once again. 

    • Sabera says:

      JazakAllah khairan. I love when readers interpret the message exactly how it was intended! Masha’Allah. It’s great to hear your thoughts. :) 

  4. amal says:

    MashaAllah amazing use of english. Youre writing level is just increasing day by day sabera and I am so proud of you MashAllah! you have a great future ahead of you with this talent ;)))