The Wide World of Halal

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Nov 12, 2009 · 3 min read

While on Google, I was typing in “Muslims Can” and was surprised with the search suggestions that I received:

Whatever happened to being optimistic? It seems that whenever people think or write about Islam, especially when it comes to culinary matters, they concentrate on what is not allowed: “I can’t eat hamburgers, I can’t drink alcohol, I can’t etc, etc, etc.” Shaykh Magdy Warda, a prolific speaker in the United States, once discussed this in a Khutbah at PGMA and said that we start to think that everything is Haraam, then we’re stuck in a small “Haraam box”. It’s extremely small, but once you’re trapped inside of it, the world around you seems so stark and Haraam; it’s as if you can’t do anything…

However, once we get out of the Haraam box, we see the wide world of Halal all around us – You can do everything except a few miniscule things! You can eat everything out there from chocolate truffles to Chinese chow mein or drink anything from Coca-Cola to mocha cappuccinos, provided you stay away from just a meager list of items that turn out to be bad for you. If we were to really compare the amount of Halal vs. the amount of Haram out there, the Halal would dominate. Like really dominate.

One may argue that in the West especially, it’s becoming increasingly hard to find Halal foods because a lot of Haram ingredients gets added to the food that was originally Halal. But to this, remember that there is a Halal alternative to all the Haram that they pose out there. For example, a lot of people substitute turkey with ham for pepperoni pizzas and buy from Muslim companies instead of the local supermarket. Hey, if you really can’t find an alternative, then go make one! (Of course, I do get a commission if you do ahead with the idea:).

“O you who believe! Eat of the lawful things that We have provided you with, and be grateful to Allah, if it is indeed He Whom you worship.” – Surah Baqara, Ayah 172

Take a good look at the world around you. All Praise is to the Lord who gave so us much to benefit from!

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9 Responses to "The Wide World of Halal"

  1. Arif Kabir says:

    @Ikram That could definitely be the case, but it is still showing the overall perception of Islam; that we are a religion that doesn’t allow for many things and is a very stark religion as opposed to a whole way of life with a great deal of freedom in many areas.

    Also, if it is indeed nonMuslims who are searching them out of curiosity, what type of sites come up for them to discover the truth? That is perhaps another thing that we must consider and definitely address in the future Insha’Allah

  2. @Arif. Good points brother.

  3. I think those suggestions reflect what non-Muslims searched for. They hear such things and search for them out of curiosity.

  4. SumaiyahKhan says:

    so true…..everyone nowadays make sit seem like EVERYTHING is haraam!!! but in realtiy, Allah gave us sooo much

  5. Aziza says:

    The google pic made me smile haha. :) But SubhanAllah there is so much more halal than haram. Allah has only prevented us from what is harmful not only for us but for everyone…who can argue with that?

  6. Short_muslimah says:

    Oh  love the example of the small haraam box- will keep that in mind if I ever find myself having a similar convo with someone :)

  7. raja nazim shahzad says:

    please tell me about Truffle can we eat this because we are muslim ?