Tracing The Prophets’ Footsteps

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Dec 15, 2011 · 1 min read

As we leave the Arafat sunset,
And ride to Muzdalifa.
The whiteness of our ihrams
Gleams in the darkness.
“Hajj Mubarak,” a sister whispers,
As she embraces me tightly.
Her tear stained cheek touches mine,
In silent salaam.
“What are we doing here?” my ten year old sister asks,
As we lie on the sandy stones,
In the open of Muzdalifa.
“We are tracing the footsteps of our prophets,” my father replies,
As he raises his hands to the heavens.
Muhammad’s blessed footsteps from Mina to Arafat to Muzdalifa.
Ibraheem’s blessed footsteps to stoning the devil.
As we head to the large Jamrah.
With bags filled with pebbles.
A frail Turkish man on a wheelchair passes us by.
“Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters!” he exclaims.
“Where are you going?” my brother asks him, curious.

“To Jannah,” he says,
With a huge smile.


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10 Responses to "Tracing The Prophets’ Footsteps"

  1. SumaiyahKhan says:

    Masha Allah AMAZING!!!!

  2. Arif Kabir says:

    Amazing job, Māshā’Allāh. I  had been blessed to go to Hajj five years ago, and this brought back so many memories. The earnest and youthful character of the elderly is definitely something that you see a lot at Hajj. Whereas we take it as granted, many of them have saved up everything for this journey so it really is a journey of a lifetime for them.

    • Ruqaiyya Maryam says:

      You’re right, subhanallah it is something to witness. Its just been a month since I got back and I miss it all so so much. 

  3. Anonymous says:

    Aww! The end made me smile. Masha Allah, nicely done. 

  4. Aziza says:

    BEAUTIFUL MashaAllah! Just like Raadia, I too couldn’t help but smile at the end. :)
    JazakAllah Khair for sharing such a precious moment with us.

  5. Sanaa says:

    I got chills reading the wonderful ending! Thank you for sharing the joy. 

  6. Jawaad Salahudeen says:

    As salaamu alaiky wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu sister ruqaiyya this is brother jawaad salahudeen from the us. Just wanted to let you know that the books are completed and they look nice. Mashaallah. You had emailed me your Umrah story. I will need an address so I can send the book to you as I promised.